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The #1 Way to Become Magnetic on Social Media

Have you ever wondered how someone goes from being totally unknown to a social media rockstar in no time?   I used to often wonder how in the world they did it and why THEM instead of me?! I'm sure that thought has crossed your mind a time or two if you're ...

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Social Media Marketing: How to automate your Instagram & get better results

Recently I went through a social media marketing training (specifically instagram) by Chalene Johnson. Instagram is one of my absolute favorite social media channels because it's all about being creative.   You have literally 3 seconds to grab the attention of someone checking their instagram feed so it has to be very ...

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What is the Networking Revolution?

It's finally here and official! I've co-authored a book with my good friend April O'Leary, business & life coach, and we're so excited about it. The book is entitled "The Networking Revolution - 5 ways women are changing their lives through home business ownership."  What is the "Networking Revolution?" When April and I ...

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Local Team Building, How to get 20 Leads per Week In Your Local Market

As a lot of you know I've been on an interview kick lately because of so many people seeing success recruiting in their local markets. I am very excited to have a special guest on todays interview that was given a challenge in the Local Prospecting Formula, and CRUSHED his ...

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Local Team Building, How She built a Team in Mexico

Ever struggle with building a large team that duplicates on it's own? I did too... After working with a ton of top producers with teams of literally hundreds of thousands of people they told me that starting locally and having a set system in place to build teams locally all over ...

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She Sponsored 6 People in One Week!

This Month the theme for our training is all about local team building. I am really focusing on training locally because of the people that are struggling with getting the duplication and success they need off the ground running. In the past month many people have gone through my new course the ...

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How He Sponsored 2 Local People & Got 6 Appointments in 12 Days!

Some of you may or may not know that recently I've been doing a TON of local team building. Have you ever wondered how all of the top people in your company have such momentum and massive fires sparking all over the world within their teams? I wondered this as well so ...

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How to Build a Local Team

One of the most important skill sets to learn in the network marketing profession is how to build a local team. The internet and social media have completely changed people's view on this however, and some people look at local team building or face to face recruiting as "old school." I ...

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How To Prospect On Twitter

Twitter marketing is becoming more and more popular now a days. Facebook is starting to really get strict on their marketing because of all the spam, so expanding into new social media channels is very very important. Although facebook is still the giant on social media, you can get way more ...

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Go Out With A Bang For The New Year!

So it's new years eve and you've probably been planning a ton of different things you're gong to do to increase your business. Maybe you've got a list written down or you're going to call 20 people a day. Or maybe you want to lose 30 pounds and eat only ...

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Jessica Higdon