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Big Takeaways From The Eric Worre Go Pro Event

This weekend I went to Eric Worre’s Go Pro event in Las Vegas at Bally’s. If you know anything about me than you know I never miss an opportunity to go to Vegas, and I LOVE Eric so this event was a total no brainer for me ;).

Bottom line is you make THE best connections at these type of industry network marketing events, and there’s nothing like seeing 10 million dollar earners in the industry share their story and what they did to become successful. It’s impossible for me to rehash everything I learned, but I thought I’d just go over a few points that really stuck out for me.Eric Worre Go Pro

By the way, I feel so blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing networkers from all over the world. At this event I got to meet the most amazing group of people, some that are in the course and some that knew me from FB or online, and it’s so cool to connect face to face. Make sure you’re at the next industry event!

There are three points that really stuck out for me,

1. Do a 90 Day Blitz

Eric, as well as many of the other speakers talked about running really hard for 90 days. If you do this, you will set yourself up for a lifetime of riches and rewards. Most of the speakers said that had they known what they would’ve made from their first 90 days of effort, it would have been roughly over $100,000 per hour!

So, what is a 90 day blitz?

A 90 day blitz is where you spend 16 hours a day, 6 days a week filling your calendar with INCOME PRODUCING activities. This doesn’t mean wash your hair and arrange your desk. This means phone calls to prospects, three way calls with your team, training webinars, and meetings day and night.


2. Schedule your days out!

Susan Sly did an amazing job talking about how important it is to schedule out your time. Especially when you still have a job! In network marketing we don’t have a “boss,” so we tend to just go with the flow and not really do productive work.

If you schedule your day before you go to bed so you know exactly who you’re calling, where you’re going and when your follow ups are, you can finish your day within 2 hours or less. Organization I feel is lacking in this profession, so we all need to collectively step it up! ๐Ÿ˜‰


3. The Younger Generation are Crushing it!ray and jess higdon

Interestingly enough, a lot of the speakers that Eric brought up were younger, OR their organization was in serious momentum because of a younger crowd.

Young people, meaning 18-30, are realizing that it’s less and less secure in the marketplace to find a job. They have a serious drive, they’re too naive to have limiting beliefs and hang ups (which is a great thing and a huge compliment), and they are extremely coachable.

I’m 25, and for some reason always thought I had to go after people that were older than me because they were more established and had more warm market. This is absolutely NOT the case I’m learning. This was a BIG BIG breakthrough for me, and it gave me some great ideas moving forward to build my ย network marketing business through Gen Y.

Not to say that if you’re older than 30 you can’t make money. You can absolutely make money at any age, a TON of the leaders on stage were at least 45 or older. But they understood that there’s a huge culture shift in the industry right now, and a lot of them started reaching out to younger markets to explode their business.



Eric and Marina are great friends of mine and Ray’s and it was so cool to see what they’ve built in such a short period of time. This event was by far one of the best I’ve been to, and I can’t wait to go back next year!

If you got value out of this post on the Go Pro Event, please comment and share I’d love to hear your feedback!


To Your Success!

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24 Responses to Big Takeaways From The Eric Worre Go Pro Event

  1. Dean Sepp says:

    Thanks Jess. I really appreciate you sharing these tidbits with us!!

  2. Len Mooney says:

    Great coimments and ideas, Couldn't be there this year but have been in the past and will be again

  3. Great info! Thanks Jess. I plan to make it to the next Eric Worre event!

  4. Arti Jorgenson says:

    Thank you, Jess. Once again you got me excited

  5. Thanks Jess, Very timely and full of teachable nuggets!

  6. Was there from Dallas – virtually. Loved Eric's rule of a no recruiting so people really could be open to share. Great takeaways from the event and yes, I already have my ticket for next November thanks to some of our team members that were there. Another great idea is to have an accountability/workout partner and through one of my networking groups, small world that my partner is ironically with your company- Emailed you a question to see if we can get the slides from Module 1 & 2 – really enjoy how you simplify yet target social media networking. Safe travels back home to Florida.

  7. Jessica, Thank you so much for giving us the 3 nuggets you took away from the Go Pro event at Vegas.
    We appreciate you sharing. Thanks again

  8. Thank you for your Big Takeaways from the Go Pro Event. Also for sharing pictures from the event. Between you and Ray we also benefited from the event and that is awesome. That is why I like MLM so well as for most people are out to help each other. God Bless and I look forward to more from you and Ray. Thanks again, Sharon

  9. Paul Smith says:

    Hi Jessica, I am a grandpa approaching the 3/4 of a century mark. I appreciate all of the things You mentioned in Your post.
    I know that a 90 day blitz is the way to go, that is why I am deep in learning what social media is about.
    I know a detailed schedule is the way to get through my day. If i don’t schedule, as an old retired fart, I can waste my days and weeks doing nothing. I don’t even have to think I am doing business by drying my hair, (I still have a full head.) I can waste it just sitting doing nothing.
    I am starting today!!
    My Wish for You,, A Fantastic Christmas Story!!

  10. John O'Leary says:

    Thanks Jess! I appreciate your energy and the tips! You’re an inspiration! You always provide great information!

  11. Those are all awesome take aways! As someone who is still very new to the industry, and working a full time job, I find it difficult to prioritize what is the most important thing to do at the time. I am going to start with my daily to-do list and fill it with the IPAs that will propel me forward. While I don't have 16 hours a day I can devote to a 90 day blitz – I do have 4. I start now!

  12. thanks for those great takeaways from Vegas. I believe our industry is set to provide the next professionals because of the raise of the gen Y combine with high tech and social media…We are here to stay on top and create greatness!
    can anybody share with me how to join the Go Pro event so that I can get ready for next year please?

  13. Just got Eric's Book and have already benefited form the 8 step process… follow-ups start today ๐Ÿ™‚ I've also watched your Ultimate Facebook training Jess and will start contacting people today using your "rule" ๐Ÿ™‚ Totally excited. Has anyone out there used MLM Gods? I signed up for free a few days ago and am already getting a ton of prospects calling. I'm not even a VIP. What's the catch to this marketing platform? Will I have to pay later? Does anyone know about why MLM Gods is giving me all these leads for free? Josee

  14. Nice tips Jessica, thanks for sharing.
    I agree 100% with #3! You'd think finding the more established person, frustrated with their life, is the key… but on my team it's the youngest who are absolutely killing it!

  15. Thank you for the information, that you have provided from being in Vegas, and having access to Amazing people that are willing to share and help you get further than you ever imagined. I knew a few months ago, that it was the young people ages 18-30, that were really could put it out there. Just do not have much access to this age market.

  16. Thanks Jessica. I am going to go to this event next time. I love the book Go Pro and your summary of the 90 day blitz is very motivating! Glad you had such a great experience.

  17. Dave Ludena says:

    Great take aways, Jess. I couldn’t agree more!

  18. thanks…am in preparation phase of 90 day challenge…just told partner about being present but not really being present…short term pain for long term gain…

  19. David Boozer says:

    Currently reading it, pretty good so far. =)

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