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Facebook Marketing Questions Answered

For the past month I’ve been getting bombarded with Facebook marketing and recruiting questions in my email, so I thought I’d create a short video to help answer the most common questions people have about social media.facebook marketing

Social Media has totally changed the network marketing industry. Thirty years go, people had to fly to a different area to recruit people there, or had to cold call and generate a list from a list building company rather than the great and powerful tool we call “google.”

Today with the click of a button you can contact someone and know their interests, location, what they look like via their picture, their pets names and whether their married or not. Facebook marketing is the ultimate recruiting tool and I’m excited to share this video with you today answering the most frequently asked questions about faceboook marketing:

The Answers to The Most Common Facebook Marketing Questions:


If you received Value from this video, please comment and share with people you feel are asking similar questions and don’t have anyone to give them the answers.

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27 Responses to Facebook Marketing Questions Answered

  1. Edna Keep says:

    Thanks Jessica.
    Excellent information.

  2. Barbara Hewitt says:

    Thanks Jess for your tips! The one tip I liked, was the one where you mentioned you DO NOT need a blog or fan page, good to know! Right now I’m having issues where fb is disapproving my ads, can’t get around this. I even used the one heading I was approved for earlier and they still disapproved it. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Barbara

    • Jessica Higdon says:

      Hey Barbara, what did the error message say? A lot of times they’ll actually tell you why it’s not being approved. It probably has to do with a claim or something made that isn’t congruent with the page you’re sending them to? But I don’t know, I would check your email for their response 🙂

  3. Great advice on facebook marketing that a very good tool for network marketing if it’s done properly. We definitely need to reconnect soon hopefully

  4. Dennis Shipp says:

    Thanks Jess, good comments on using Facebook for business. If or when you do your next one, please share how you find and make contact with someone on Facebook, someone that you don’t know, for the first time.
    Appreciate you, and all that you and Ray do for the Network Marketing profession

  5. Hi Jess, amazing, amazing and powerful answers and really great questions.
    Thank you so much for sharing this. So honored and blessed to be part of this amazing team!!! TSL!!!
    ~ Curtis Phelan

  6. Randolph says:

    Great Video. This answered a lot of my questions. Thanks!

  7. Hey Jessica! Thanks for answering some of our top questions on Facebook marketing/recruiting. Some really great questions I’m sure a lot of people have… and some great tips given. Thanks for the great training!!!

  8. Tim Scogin says:

    Thanks Jessica for this video. a lot of good questions and some that answered what I would have asked. Been following you and Ray for a while now and really enjoy ya’lls stuff !!

  9. Divine Musni says:

    Hi Ms. Jess, thank you for this wonderful tip. I’m still struggling with my business. I was told that it is a violation to post my products/company in my facebook account, even saying it when doing calls. I’m so confused on how to market it. Appreciate it so much if you could help me figure it out how to reach my leads. Thank you for being an inspiration.

    • Jessica Higdon says:

      They just don’t want you to spam people, as long as you’are just posting it on your wall and following the 80/20 rule, 80% of the time post valuable posts and content not related to your business, and 10-20% of the time you can post about your biz, then you’ll be fine 🙂

  10. Etieno Etuk says:

    Awesome video, Jessica. I learned a ton from it. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Cindy Bolf says:

    Great tips girl! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Rikki Shrake says:

    Great video and information! Thanks. 🙂

  13. Thanks Jess, love your videos

  14. Thank you Jess! Great info for someone new to Network Marketing! x

  15. Great video Jess, answered a few questions I had. Thanks!


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