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Go Out With A Bang For The New Year!

So it’s new years eve and you’ve probably been planning a ton of different things you’re gong to do to increase your business. Maybe you’ve got a list written down or you’re going to call 20 people a day. Or maybe you want to lose 30 pounds and eat only protein and veggies for 90 days.

Whatever it is, I’ve found that there’s always a brief spurt of progress for a good couple of weeks, and then everything starts going down hill again.

Why is that?

Most of us take our past and place it into our future. If you’ve ever been to landmark education (I highly recommend going. I don’t get anything for telling you that but research it, it’s a great program!) they teach you how we take our past experiences and place them ahead of us like they’re happening in real time.

What I’ve found is that it’s the same with consistency when you’re trying to break in a new habit.

Create a Trigger For Your New Years Resolutions

One thing that I’ve done is create a trigger when I don’t want to do something. Whenever I get a feeling in my gut of “laziness,” I immediately pick up the phone or get up and move around to change my state of mind. This can help you fulfill your new years resolutions and will also help you feel better about yourself since you’ll become more productive.

Creating a trigger is simple:

1. Analyze the feeling of “laziness” or “uncomfortability” – WHERE do you feel lazy or uncomfortable? Is it in your head? Your gut? pin point it as a physical thing that you can easily get rid of. Once you’ve pin pointed it you can detach it from YOURSELF and realize that emotions are just emotions, and they don’t have ANYTHING to do with taking action. Release it from your mind and imagine that physical ball leaving your body and floating away.

2. Change your physical state – stand up if you’re sitting down, do sit ups, do push ups, I don’t care what it is as long as you’re moving around.

3. Take an action – Pick up the phone, make 5 connections on FB, do a video, write a blog. Whatever will move you ahead in the direction of your business, no matter how uncomfortable, do those things.

2013 Recap

Now that I’ve given some tips going into the new year, I decided to reflect on 2013 and what we’ve done since we really decided to push ourselves and take our brand to a new level. I suggest you do the same, reflect on your ACCOMPLISHMENTS, not your faults so you can see just how far you’ve come this past year.rayjess outside

1. Ray and I Did a complete re-brand on our websites and social media

2. Had our first big event Top Earner Academy which was a huge success! (Be on the look out for Top Earner Academy II coming up this june!) 

3. Website sales literally increased 250%

4. Opened our first high end coaching Mastermind! –> Our Top Earner Mastermind Coaching Clients have become our family. We love them and it is so amazing to see the growth in someone you work very closely with over a 12 month period. This is by far one of the most rewarding things we’ve done

5. Ray, my husband, had two best selling books come out! I am so proud of himsocial media recruiting

6. I had my first product launch, which did high six figures in revenue. So grateful to the amazing partners that helped make this happen!

7. We bought a house!

8. We made a switch in our network marketing company and have leaders all over the world now. –> we also get to work with some of the highest caliber networkers I’ve ever met in my life, and I feel honored and blessed to be mentored by them.

9. After finding our new home in network marketing, we were featured on stage in front of 6,000 people! by far the biggest crowd I’ve ever spoken in front of, it was exhilarating!

10. We went to Cabo (twice), Kauai, Las Vegas (twice), Orlando, San Diego, Bahamas, Colorado all on vacations and we’re heading to Disney world tomorrow :).

I cant believe how many things with focused effort and a goal in mind we were able to accomplish. I tell you this not to impress you but to show you how focusing on what you want and GOING after it, no matter how scared you are can push you into realms you never even thought possible!

2014 – Best Year Everhappy new year

More and more people are realizing that the government, their families, corporate America, whoever are NOT going to be able to take care of them in the future.

NOW is the absolute best time to be in our industry. Social media is increasing rapidly, and entrepreneurialism is growing exponentially among young adults. We are primed for success in 2014, so let’s go out there and  make it happen!

What are your goals for 2014? Comment below if you’re committed to making it happen in 2014!




This is YOUR year! 

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23 Responses to Go Out With A Bang For The New Year!

  1. Thanks Jessica. Developing an awareness of your physiological & mental state, coupled with the ability to change them instantly is one of those oft-overlooked skills that separates the amateurs form the top producers. Great tip.

  2. Kenny Santos says:

    Thank you Jessica! My New Years goal is to start and finish a 90 blitz. I told my upline and formed a group so we have some people to be accountable to. Thanks for all your help.

  3. Loren Greig says:

    Really helpful post Jessica! Creating physical movement to immediately help move, impact and change mental blocks is a great insight! We tend to forget how body and mind are so intimately connected and the influence they have on each other. Such a useful tool, so easy to use and doesn't cost a cent!

  4. Daneece Romine Hernandez says:

    Thank you Jessica. I needed that advice today. Thanks for all you and Ray do. His videos are part of my daily routine and I am loving your 10K Social Media Recruiting Formula training. May 2014 be even bigger and better!

  5. Fantastic post Jessica! This is the year I break away from corporate America and take control of my family's future!

  6. Howard says:

    Thanks for sharing all the accomplishments you made in the past year. If I do 1/10 of that in 2014, I will be quite satisfied. I love to see what the superstars are thinking and their mindset, that I might emulate them and stand on their shoulders.

    Keep up the good work and I look forward to further insights.

  7. Will be starting a 90 day blitz with our team ,fearful but excited

  8. Thank you, Jessica. This is not just a good suggestion, but a Great suggestion. In fact, it’s the best advice I’ve received all year!

  9. Dave Ludena says:

    Thanks for being so inspirational, Jess. 2014 is def gonna rock and I owe so much to your mentorship. Rock on!

  10. Audrey Brotherson says:

    Really excellent post Jessica! you are an inspiration and a blessing. Thanks for all you and Ray have inspired in my in 2013! Looking forward to 2014 and raring to go!

  11. Hello Jessica! These are some wonderful tips my friend! Happy 2014! Thanks for all you do. Chery :))

  12. What a fantastic and helpful post, Jessica! Thank you!

  13. Hello, I have been a following you for a couple of months now and have been able to implement you advice on how to close with your 10k formula. I’m recruiting more easily and with grace and style! Thanks! :O) –Leigh Ann Dickey

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