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How He Sponsored 2 Local People & Got 6 Appointments in 12 Days!

Some of you may or may not know that recently I’ve been doing a TON of local team building.

Have you ever wondered how all of the top people in your company have such momentum and massive fires sparking all over the world within their teams?

I wondered this as well so started asking people with teams of hundreds of thousands of people what the “secret” was. What I found was that a lot of it has to do with building locally, and teaching their people to build locally as well for massive duplication and leverage.
Social Media Local TEam Building
Since my specialty (at least in my own mind lol) is social media recruiting, I thought why not target people on social media and start recruiting locally through facebook for an unlimited amount of leads! It worked like crazy and I came out with my first course on this, the Social Media Local Prospecting formula.

Jacob Moore out of Texas started recruiting locally through Social Media as I taught and saw some great results and numbers that were spiking in his local area, so I decided to interview him to see exactly what he was doing! Watch the Video below to hear Jacob’s story.

How Jacob Sponsored 2 Local People & Got 6 Appointments :



Hope this helps and look forward to seeing your results in your local market very soon!

To Your Success!

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7 Responses to How He Sponsored 2 Local People & Got 6 Appointments in 12 Days!

  1. Well done Jacob and thanks Jessica for the great training. I've been implementing your tips to build local for a couple of weeks now and it's made a huge difference. Thanks you

  2. Jake you are a boss!! Much success to you!! YES!

  3. Tanya Aliza says:

    Love Jacob! Thanks for sharing his story!

  4. Paulette Roy says:

    Just what I needed to hear. I have a goal to message 10 people a day as well. And that nibbling a fear at the start oh yeah! Great feeling when I get through it. You were an inspiration. Thanks so much

  5. Im so mad I didn't get a chance to pick this course up. Well I cant wait until next month then. 🙂

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