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How Most People Waste Money on Facebook Marketing

Usually when I talk about Facebook marketing I talk about how to do it for free or through organic interaction and active prospecting. Today I wanted to share how to get way more traffic, leads and sales from your Facebook marketing for the same budget through advertising.waste money on fb marketing

Recently I’ve been testing a lot of ads on Facebook and the results are off the charts. I definitely believe that you should be connecting with 5 to 10 people per day through social media for free, but you can also incorporate a small budget each day to test out your engagement and traffic.

Today’s video on social media marketing will show you a free tool through the FB ads backoffice that you can use that will increase your engagement, leads, sales and fans for the exact same budget you would use otherwise.

Facebook Marketing Tip Video – Stop Wasting Money

This simple change in the way you do your ads and Facebook marketing will get you so much more traction. If you feel like this is too complicated then you shouldn’t be doing the ads yourself, hire someone to do them.

To see how this simple facebook marketing tactic is working, head on over to my fanpage for examples.

To Your Success!

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14 Responses to How Most People Waste Money on Facebook Marketing

  1. Cindy Donohue says:

    😀 Jess, That is an awesome Tip…
    Thank You, So Simple…So Huge, too !

  2. Lena says:

    Thanks a lot Jessica!!!! This is GOLD!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    thanks jessica it was great!

  4. What a fantastic tip! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Pure value Jessica. Thanks for the tip.

  6. Jessica, Cool tip, easy to use also.
    Wonderful results! Thank you

  7. Great never knew that. Will try it! Thanks.

  8. Sue Sanders says:

    Thank you Jessica, I never would have known about that feature. Great tip!

  9. Michael Alli says:

    Thank you Jessica that was great information.

  10. Thanks for the brilliant tip Jessica! I look forward to putting your tip to good use…

  11. As always, PURE VALUE. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Absolutely awesome tip! Thanks Doll!

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