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How to Build a Local Team

One of the most important skill sets to learn in the network marketing profession is how to build a local team. The internet and social media have completely changed people’s view on this however, and some people look at local team building or face to face recruiting as “old school.”

I totally agree that there are some methods that just plain don’t work anymore. The world is changing, but people remain the same at their core so the basic principles still apply.

The problem is not that these methods are “old school” and don’t work, because they do work, the problem is we’ve heard the same teaching over and over again and have already hammered our warm markets so how do we cast a wider net?social media training

How Anyone Can Build a Local Team Anywhere

When you create a local team and community you’ve got many benefits.

1. You can teach the same principles you used to anyone in the world for easier recruiting/duplication

2. You have higher retention

3. You attract major leadership to your area, giving you massive credibility

Leaders don’t come to help you build when you don’t have a team. They come help you when you already have things rocking and rolling and it’s deserved. So how do you build that team with a totally burnt warm market and how can you teach your team to use these basic principles without creating major resistance?

Social Media.

Social media as a lot of you know is one of my favorite methods for building. I’ve sponsored over 100 people through FB and have taught many others to do the same. However over the last year I was asking myself “How can I take this concept and apply it to a more belly to belly approach” so people still get the same duplication and retention.

I started testing out a simple strategy using social media to target local prospects, and it worked so well I decided to share it with the team. After the team used it the results were amazing. I’ve averaged right around 8-10 appointments to show the business per month locally, and gotten the top earners in the company to come to our area twice!

Not only did this strategy work like crazy for me and the team, but it enabled us to create more leaders who are now stepping up doing their own meetings and appointments.

Imagine having hundreds of people all over the world doing their own meetings on YOUR team! All it takes is leading by example…

Big Announcement

local home meetingAt end of October I’ll be coming out with a brand new product on how to build a local team leveraging social media. I truly believe this will help a lot of people whether you’re just getting started or already have a large team to get even better results.

If you want more information on this, simply email me at [email protected] or Send me a Facebook Message . I can’t wait to connect with you, and stay tuned for the big announcement!

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To Your Success!

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26 Responses to How to Build a Local Team

  1. Wow great info here, I have actually just started trying to build locally myself so anything you have on the subject I want to see!! Your awesome keep the great info coming

  2. Robert Moore says:

    WOW This is Good needed to see this. Thank You Jessica Reedy

  3. Pamela Fatone says:

    Building locally in NYC is rough. I would like to know,what to do.

  4. I'm always open to suggestions Jessica:)

  5. Love the information Jessica.

  6. looking forward to your training Jess..Thanks!! xo

  7. Hey I recognize that top photo 😉 For sure your technique works, 2-3 exposures per day over here in the UK…Thank You

  8. Raitis Kupce says:

    I not only recognise it but I am also in it. Look forward to this product.

  9. This information I received it just in time…I have my first "local team meeting" tomorrow and I would love to receive more information about your new product. Thank you!

  10. Tanya Aliza says:

    Excited for your new product! People need this!

  11. Whatbabout when you're younger than most qualified or quality prospects? They don't take you too seriously

  12. Tiffany Mika says:

    Great post Jess… looking forward to it 🙂

  13. T.y. Asinas says:

    This is awesome! Thank you so much! Love following your blog!

  14. Thats pretty exciting ~ I've just started out and am super keen to learn:-) Thanks x

  15. Thanks Jessica.

    I want to start building my own local team here in Phoenix, AZ.

    I will be looking forward to your product 🙂

  16. Carlos Nunez says:

    Looking forward to this

  17. George Arvanitis says:

    Thanks for the great info Jessica!

  18. Thank you so much Jessica! This had made it so easy to find and recruit quality local people and save me tons of time trying to look for prospects. I owe you a million.

  19. I don't see the first video

  20. I didn't get the steps to do so, of which I was expecting. That's what you said you would give me at first. Please do so to keep your word for me clicking this. I'm Dustan Hatcher on fb from Lynchburg VA, my email is [email protected] If you do this with no fee involved, (that's pretty much what you said you would tell me in the beginning of the post) your information will be not at all misleading. If not, you are not being truthful to start and I would rather listen to someone that is in fact truthful. Don't you agree? Thank you for the information about the information, but what exactly is it you are doing?

  21. Albert Lye says:

    Thanks Mrs. Higdon….you're just as amazing as your hubby Ray…looking forward to more tutorials from the both of you…God bless you !

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