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Local Team Building, How She built a Team in Mexico

Ever struggle with building a large team that duplicates on it’s own? I did too…

After working with a ton of top producers with teams of literally hundreds of thousands of people they told me that starting locally and having a set system in place to build teams locally all over the world is the KEY to a massive organization.

The formula for building locally had never been tested via social media, and since I’ve recruited literally hundreds from FB, I thought why not combine online and offline to cast the widest net possible?

The Social Media Local Prospecting Formula came out in late October, and Sonia Rodriguez decided to take the training and run with it.

Sonia is from Mexico and has consistently been struggling with building a team since they don’t use social media as much as we do. She started working with the Local formula and started getting appointments every week, but not only that, she started working with people she WANTS to work with that are excited to build the business.

I decided to interview Sonia and ask her some questions, these were her responses:

Interview With Sonia Rodriguez on How She’s Building a Local Team:

From Sonia – Thank you for this interview Jessica. I know you are helping a lot of networkers with this course, not only the people in the group, but also impacting their teams as well.Local Prospecting Formula

1.- What is your background?

I started working when I was 17 years old as a Bilingual Secretary, then I realized I didn’t want to be my whole life working as a secretary, so when I was 21  I  went to the University, and now I am an Industrial Engineer working as a Schedule Planner full time in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Also, I am now a mom of a 5 years old kid, and have a wonderful husband.

Even when I like my job, I don’t like to work so many hours, without any chance to take my kid to school or help him with his homework, so my passion now is to build my business and be able to quit my job very soon, be the owner of my time and work full time as a Mom, Wife and Entrepreneur, because I know it is the only way I can accomplish my new lifestyle goals and Impact other lives.

2. How did you fall into the network marketing profession?

Well, when my kid was just born, the company that I was working decided to fire me. That was shocking, because I thought that my job was “sure”. So, it was like a “hey, you need to have your own business”.

Then, I started looking for options and the most important think I did was that I started reading inspiring books such as “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”.

I spent hours and hours in internet trying to find the right thing for me.

I did two network marketing businesses before my actual company and didn’t do a profit.

But I never lost the faith, and used a lot of my money and time in courses, books, audios, trainings such as The Local Prospecting Formula (which I sincerely think you are one of the best Trainers I have found) and now I am becoming a different person, and finally I am experiencing good results in my business and even I found that I have other talents I didn’t know I had such as: a trainer and as a speaker. You know, here in Mexico, I found we have a lot of “Motivation Trainers”, but not really training in skills and that is the area that I am focus on.

3. Why did you think it was important to start building a local team instead of one that was all over the place?

Because when I started recruiting people all over Mexico, it was hard to keep in touch with the people and trained them. There are still many people which don’t use facebook or even email here in Mexico, and it was hard to keep them motivated and trained. So, when I heard about your training it made a lot of sense and I didn’t doubt about getting it.

And it was perfect for me, since I work full time, I only have a couple of hours per night to do my business, so this course just changed the way I was doing my business.

4. Walk us through how you recruited two people using the Social Media Local Prospecting Formula

Well Jessica, I am having awesome results, but not only me, other people in my team as well, because I already thought them this FormulaJ

I did a challenge with myself and sent 100 messages in a weekend. 21 people answered back asking “It depends, what is it” and so on…. 5 people accepted the appointment in Starbucks. Only one showed up and she is amazing. When I saw her profile I thought “mmm, maybe I will not message her, because she looks so successful in her career as a doctor”, but then, I remembered your training about that professional people are usually more open, so, I sent her the message. She signed that day and bought products, and she is very active now in recruiting, training and promoting events.

After that, people in the pipeline have been answering, and I have been having appointments in “my office” (Starbucks) every week. Some people are interested in buying the products, others are getting ready to start.

But, you know what? The most important thing is that I am actively working and producing and so is my team.

5. Were you nervous to start prospecting locally?

I was nervous about “presenting”. I felt very comfortable with the “Invitation” approach, but then I was not sure about my presentation skills. Right after your training about “presenting”, guauuu!!! It was very easy! I just followed all of the steps and now I don’t feel nervous anymore. One of the things that helped me the most were your tips about “posture”.

6. One major tip you have to offer to our readers?

Yes, sometimes we have to resist our nature. My tip for you is don’t procrastinate in this. This is really easy and you only work with the “low hanging fruits”.

If you want your team to follow this Formula, you need to do your homework first and  they will follow you.  Send at least 5 messages per day “consistently” and you will see results, because 5 you + 5 each of team = results.


To Your Success!

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10 Responses to Local Team Building, How She built a Team in Mexico

  1. This interview shows that you could build a team anywhere, you just need the right tips and strategies. Thank you Jessica for that !!

  2. This interview shows that you could build a team anywhere, you just need the right tips and strategies. Thank you Jessica for that !!

  3. Awesome interview Jess, thanks for sharing and all the value your pumping out continually! Kev

  4. Lovely. Thanks for sharing Sonia and thanks Jessica did this amazing course. I' be gone through 3 of the for bodies and I have gotten amazing results. My first sign up is coming in today. And my will had been booked full with physical appointments. They are literally begging to see my business.

  5. Your amazing Sonia! Not many people would have the faith and courage to follow through and make this work. Jessica Higdons Social Media Local works. Just yesterday I ran into an Insurance agent I had met using Jessicas formula who had originally said no and now wants to meet with me again to discuss my opportunity. Thank you Jessica for creating a simple way for anyone to meet and recruit people in their local area. You Rock!

  6. Charles Grix says:

    Great interview and inspiring story thank Jessica for presenting the interview and Sonia for be the inspiration of the interview.

  7. Angela Barry Steusloff says:

    That is awesome Sonia! I wish you continued success! I am anxious to work with my team on this training. One of our team is a Mexican born young lady, living in Florida and I am anxious to share your story with her. Thanks Jessica Higdon for your continued support with your Social Media tools!

  8. Might I add Sonia Rodriguez you
    are very courageous for doing it even if nobody was doing it in your area you're awesome!!

  9. Kimberly N. Alleyne Thank you!!!

  10. Paige Gimbal says:

    Love your honesty and being so real! Hearing about how you are stepping into leadership, Sonia Rodriquez is inspiring! Congrats!

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