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Network Marketing Daily Routine That Will Shave Your Day In Half

Let me ask you a question, when it comes to your network marketing daily routine, do you think that you should be working extremely hard and worrying about whether you can finish your work in time AND still perform at your J.O.B?Network Marketing Daily Routine

Many people think that we need to work really really hard to achieve our goals in network marketing, but the truth is we don’t. What I’ve realized is the amount of time you spend on your business has absolutely NOTHING to do with the amount of success you have.

Take a look at what I mean in this short 3 minute video on a network marketing daily routine.

A Network Marketing Daily Routine that Will Shave Your Work Day In Half!


Your business has nothing to do with how hard you work and everything to do with how productive you are! If you follow these simple tips for 30 days, see how your network marketing business sky rockets to the top.

Challenge – Follow your network marketing daily routine for 30 days, making the lists I talked about in the video, and track your results.

Just 30 days of consistent, PRODUCTIVE action can completely change your results.

If you’re going to take the challenge comment below and let me know :).


To Your Success!

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By the way, in my product coming out I’m going to teach an extremely simple network marketing daily routine that will drive your network marketing business into momentum.

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19 Responses to Network Marketing Daily Routine That Will Shave Your Day In Half

  1. Adam Morgan says:


    You’re absolutely right about checking in on your activity for the day. I practice this technique as well 🙂 My favorite quote to go along with this principle is, “When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported, the rate of performance accelerates.”

  2. Sam Daoud says:

    so true it isn't how hard you work ,it is about how well you can duplicate and enforce a successful persons system you can follow to success.

  3. I would love to take the challenge.

  4. Tom Thiessen says:

    I'll admit it…I haven't been keeping track of what I do, even though I know I should. Need to revisit some daily planner pdfs and get them printed out… Thanks for the reminder Jessica.

  5. Great Video Jessica! What a great tip about making those dials! I also love lists I do check off the things on my list as the day goes by filling in a few tips as how things went as I go along. At the end of the day I now know exactly what I have done and how things went. Thanks for sharing.. Chery 🙂

    • Jessica Higdon says:

      You’re welcome Chery :), glad I could help. Curious to see your results and how they shift over the next 30 days!

  6. Michael Alli says:

    Thank you Jessica for reminding me the importance of making lists. I never thought to make a list at the end of the day of the things that I did to be productive. This will help me be more productive as it will help me work smarter. 😀

  7. Janet Anderson says:

    hey Mike! I do a list every morning (even weekends!) it does help with focus and productivity but it also gives you a huge sense of accomplishment to see those check offs and think "I did that!" makes you sleep feeling successful.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    I think making lists is a great idea! I’ve been doing them for years. They really keep you on track and it is a wonderful feeling to cross them off the list as you do them. I call them my “mini business plans!”

  9. Exactly what I needed today! Thanks for the reminder!!

  10. Leslie Blandford-Akins says:

    Great advice on this video. I now coach people to make a list of income-producing events throughout the day.

  11. In the spirit of writing down what you have done that day in the evening, I actually found a website where you can either go to the website or they send you an email asking you to reply with what you did that day. You can do both if you want. It's It also is great for looking back and seeing how far you've come, because they keep what you tell them. If you haven't posted for a while, it will be on the email that they send daily when the last time you posted was. I love it! It's free also.

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  13. It is not how ward you work rather how smart you work. Having a daily routine is a smart way to work. Thank you for the informative video.

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