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Our team trip to Cancun

This past weekend Ray and my team went on a fully paid for vacation to cancun, mexico! We had an absolute blast! When it comes to taking vacations, network marketers hands down know how to party. Today we wanted to share with you all of the highlights and things that we learned while on vacation.

We truly are blessed to be a part of the best industry in the world, that provides us not only with the freedom to do what we want, but also the ability to hang out with some awesome, cool people.

Highlights from Our Team Trip to Cancun:



This was by far one of the best trips we’ve ever taken.

So how did we win?

The coolest thing about network marketing is if you have fun founders with a great culture, they love to take you on trips and reward you for your hard work! Our primary company runs contests every quarter to try and get as many people to vacation for free as possible.

Since we’ve been involved with this company we’ve been on 7 fully paid for vacations! I always ask people if they can honestly say they know of a traditional company in corporate America that gives you that many vacations, and all for FREE!

If you want to learn how we won this vacation and 6 others, check out the free webinar tonight at 8 PM EST. REGISTER HERE.

The best thing about network marketing is that when you go away for vacation, you are making money while you’re away, even if you’re not working. I challenge you today to go work as hard as you possibly can on income producing ativities for your network marketing business for 30 days and see what results you get. If you’re really a hustler, try it for 90 days. Ninety days can attribute to millions of dollars if you do it right.

If you’re thinking about working closer with us or just want to learn how to hang out with cool people for free dont’ forget to register tonight.

To Your Success!

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