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She Sponsored 6 People in One Week!

This Month the theme for our training is all about local team building.

I am really focusing on training locally because of the people that are struggling with getting the duplication and success they need off the ground running.local team building

In the past month many people have gone through my new course the Social Media Local Prospecting Formula, and gotten some pretty amazing results.

Laurette Willis was someone who took the training and ran with it, so I thought it would be greatly beneficial to share her story on how she’s creating a local team. The tips she gives are incredible, Check out the video…

How She Sponsored 6 People Locally



If you enjoyed what Laurette shared make sure to let her know. If you just implement reaching out to 10 people per day and following the practices of the local prospecting formula in some of my free training as well as the course, you’ll be building a huge local team in no time.

Remember consistency is key when it comes to team building. Hope this helps and be free to comment and share :).

To Your Success!

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4 Responses to She Sponsored 6 People in One Week!

  1. Wow! great training.

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this course

    Thanks for sharing Jessica 🙂

  2. Chris York says:

    Awesome Interview… Loved her tips and heart!! Congrats Laurette 🙂

  3. thanks! she's awesome

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