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The #1 Best Tool for Facebook Marketing

facebook marketingWhen it comes to facebook marketing there’s one thing you can use that I believe is the most powerful selling tool of all time. NO it’s not an affiliate product I’m selling or some snazzy “easy button” tool, it’s a concept that you’ve seenΒ  marketed for years, however most people don’t use it properly.

If you think about it, what’s something that as you’re scrolling through your facebook newsfeed, you always stop to look at?

Best Facebook Marketing Tool = LIFESTYLE

The one thing that I KNOW you will stop to look at when you’re scrolling through your newsfeed are pictures of vacations and lifestyle pictures. People absolutely LOVE travel and lifestyle. When you take a vacation and post picture, isn’t it true that you get more comments, likes and shares than almost any other thing you are posting??

With Facebook marketing, it’s important to create a feeling for people. When I say feeling, I mean what emotion do you provoke when people look at your page and profile? When you promote lifestyle, people feel excited, curious, and hopeful.

So how do you market lifestyle properly to get more sales and recruits?

Lifestyle Marketing the Right Way

To market lifestyle the right way it can’ t be flashy or super braggy. Some people think that the higher the check they can post, the better it is and the more people they’ll attract. WRONG, in fact we never post checks, and hardly EVER talk about income.

In fact, most of the checks you see marketed on Facebook are falsified in some way and come with “small print.”

Effective Tactics for Marketing Lifestyle on Facebook:

These tactics are much more effective than flashing checks and cash:

1. Market the heck out of your vacations!cancun home business trip

Next time you even go to the beach, you can call it a “mini vaca” and post a ton of pictures. I always, without fail get questions about how we take so many vacations and what it is that we do.

You might be thinking, “but Jess, I still have a job and can’t go on vacation.” That may be true, but anytime your company has an incentive trip, I would post a crap load of pictures of the place you’re getting ready to go to. You can post about vacations, without being on vacations. People will still ask you how you can get that trip for free.

2. When someone gets results, share them!

Whether it’s yourself, someone on your team or someone in your upline, when someone gets major results you should always spread the word. For example, here are some sayings that will help your facebook marketing:

“Congrats to (name) for quitting their job today and working our business full time!”

“So excited that today (name), a full time (accountant, pharmacist, realtor, mortgage broker, etc.)Β  got an instant pay raise with our home business!” –> and post a picture of them!

“Congrats to (names) for winning a trip to Cancun for free!”

People will want to be a part of that and ask about these success stories.

3. Pictures, Pictures, and More Pictures

Ever wonder why Pinterest spread so fast? Because it’s picture based! Facebook stalkers love pictures ;), and the more you can incorporate into your statuses, the better response and the more viral your posts will be!

When you talk about someone, post a picture. When you talk about your trip, house, new care, etc. post a picture.

Pictures say 1000 words, so when you do your facebook marketing make sure you incorporate some kind of visual aspect. Not always, but I would say around 60% of the time you should be posting with pictures. If you go to my facebook page you will see that even for inspirational quotes I will more than likely post a picture of the quote rather than just typing it. Below is Ray’s son and myself on a jet ski having a blast! Family photos are always emotional and compelling.

I hope this has given you a good idea of how to do facebook marketing the correct way and how lifestyle is the #1 attraction marketing tool!

jet ski


To Your Success!

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26 Responses to The #1 Best Tool for Facebook Marketing

  1. Awesome Jess. Thanks for this Ninja knowledge.

  2. Loren says:

    Thanks Jessica for the pointers on how to be creative with finding photos for FB!
    Lots of valuable takeaways to incorporate into my new FB page.

  3. Brad Stewart says:


    You’re absolutely correct about marketing your lifestyle. Most individuals have a common purpose in “why” they are working aggressively towards their dreams and goals. When you’re taking vacations, it appeals to the masses. Most network marketing companies reward their distributors with vacations, so why wouldn’t they want to follow someone who is taking plenty of them. πŸ˜‰

  4. Ben says:

    This is great. I post a lot of stuff but not with pictures. I’m going to give it a go.

  5. Jeff says:

    So true Jes. I have been watching, listening and doing what you and Ray say. People are contacting me simply based off of the pictures I am posting on FB. It’s so cool when that happens too!

  6. Gail Nash says:


    You always give great advice. Thanks!

  7. Dennis Shipp says:

    Thanks Jess for a great post. You are correct, people will stop to look at pictures, often when they don’t even know the person well, just to see what it was all about. Of course you and Ray have more occasion to have travel pictures to show. Makes people want to be more like you. Looking forward to more valuable information on future posts.

    • Jessica Higdon says:

      Hey Dennis! We do travel a lot of places, but even posting trips that your company is offering is a great way to create some buzz ;), thanks for the feedback!

  8. Jill Platovsky says:

    Awesome tools, thank you!!

  9. Debbie says:

    Great tips!! Gotta love those vacations!

  10. Dave Ludena says:

    Great Article, Jessica. You are so right…most people do this all wrong. Always look forward to your great tips

  11. Sarah Maus says:

    Wow Jessica…love this post! Thanks for sharing and for being so awesome!

  12. Kathleen says:

    Great post, Jessica. And so true. The personal posts and vacation posts get the most comments! Thank you!

  13. Michael Alli says:

    Nice post Jessica. It is all about the lifestyle as so many want a better life to live and that is the attraction. πŸ˜€

  14. Rob Wijs says:

    Thanks for the webinar last night (for us)

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