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The #1 Way to Become Magnetic on Social Media

Have you ever wondered how someone goes from being totally unknown to a social media rockstar in no time?


I used to often wonder how in the world they did it and why THEM instead of me?! I’m sure that thought has crossed your mind a time or two if you’re trying to market your business on social media, and you may
feel frustrated and stuck not knowing what to do next.


The information out there can be overwhelming, so I wanted to simplify it in today’s post and break it down to one simple thing.


When I was first building my business, I had ZERO credibility and had to earn it from the online community.


Today’s video is exactly how I did it in one simple step.

One Simple Concept to Become Someone People Listen to On Social Media:




So there you have it. Just by being vulnerable you open up a lot of doors for REAL conversations with your prospects and they feel they can relate to you better.

How I Gained Respect on Social Media


My first project, 8 years ago, when I got started on social media was a 7 day video challenge, where I shared with people this basic concept:


“Hey, I’m terrified of video and I’ve never really done one before, so I’m going to start a 7 day video challenge. Please hold me accountable and if you’re scared of doing videos too participate with me or just do me a favor and let me know you’re out there, I could use some words of encouragement.. let’s do this!”


People respected me for being so honest, and BONUS:


I got a TON of traffic!


Remember you don’t have to be the best or event the most polished or professional looking. Simply be yourself, and take people on the journey with you. You’ll be amazed at the results you create.


This simple concept not only gets you more engagement and leads, but it also helps you when you’re actively prospecting. Your prospects feel like they can trust you and you’re not just another “hot shot guru” trying to make it on social media and will say anything to get them to buy your product.


Hope this has helped you! And if it has, please share with your teams and friends if you feel it would benefit them.


Comment below if you’re ready to get vulnerable, I read each and every comment personally and would LOVE to hear from you :).



To Your Success!

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14 Responses to The #1 Way to Become Magnetic on Social Media

  1. Thank you for the reminder, Jessica. Great video. I learned a lot. For me it was a reminder of something I read some time ago that people feel that you're more credible if you talk about something and that you have absolutely nothing to gain and possibly something to lose. e.g. vulnerability… I don't know why but I guess we're built like that. Being real and honest is always important. Again, thank you! Create a great day!

  2. Jessica this is great! Being vulnerable is so key to being real.

  3. I have been following Ray for some time now and just recently began looking into social media as a still largely unexplored medium with unending possibilities when I started following you! Thanks so much for your willingness to help people like me who are learning every day!

  4. Alex Griffee says:

    Thanks for the advice and tips Jessica. Iam moving closer to doing video.

  5. Great advice Jessica, thanks so much for sharing

  6. Great video and tips Jessica. It's alot to get uncomfortable and share your vulnerablitily. It comes down to making a decision to be vulnerable & transperant or be careful, perfect and BROKE!

  7. Super cool tip Jess, I totally can relate. When I first did my first video I was a mess…You were steps ahead lol. I simply cut it, ad posted no finesse no Qns asked, nothing lolol! Such value and so true!

  8. Great video Jess…thanks!! 🙂

  9. Keysha Bass says:

    Great video and great reminder

  10. I dislike being photographed and a couple months ago, never would have considered doing this. Now I am giving it serious thought!

  11. Great post. Be authentic! Crazy how being truthful and yourself is a winning combination, isn't it? 🙂

  12. Thank you again Jessica for your advice. I struggled with this myself when I first started videos. I thought I wasn't 'perfect' enough and my fear kept me from doing them. Now it's getting much easier. Looking forward to more helpful tips from you

  13. Awesome! I'm doing a 30 day video challenge and it really has been a challenge for me as English isn't my main language but I'm just being me ☺️
    I love your work Jessica
    Thank you

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