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The Good and Bad About Network Marketing

If you’re reading this I assume you’re in Network Marketing, which in my opinion is the best profession in the world. However, any time you start pursuing your dreams and go towards a “different” path than the masses, you start to run into things that can be challenging, and a little marketing face

All of the most successful people in the world have said, “if everyone’s going one way, you go the other.” This blog post today is about how going the “other” way, a.k.a taking the home business or network marketing path, can affect us mentally and how to overcome that.

The Bad About Network Marketing

This business will give you all of the time freedom, financial freedom and fun you could ever possibly want or think about! But is all of this free? NO! Nothing worth doing in life ever is. Nothing worth doing in life is ever “easy.” Network Marketing is simple, but never easy. To be perfectly frank, here are the major challenges you will run into that you will have to learn to overcome, or you’ll never make it:

1. Ignorant people will ridicule you for doing network marketing:

It’s a fact. People, especially in the American culture, don’t understand this profession. They are scared of it, listen to other people’s opinions or maybe have even done it in the past but had the wrong expectations.

From my experience, the number one reason people have a bad taste in their mouth about network marketing is because they were brought into the business with the wrong expectations. They were told that this would be so easy, it’s just a couple hundred bucks and all they have to do is throw a party and sneak a presentation in there at the end! People will be jumping into your business while you’re watching tv! (I’ve heard that one many times).

By understanding this about network marketing, you can change the perspective you have and also change the way you bring people into the business. Whenever we recruit someone, we tell them they will have to get on the phone if they want a long term business and it is consistent hard work that will get you residual income for a lifetime. But don’t expect to make a million dollars in a month! How many traditional businesses do you know that made a million dollars their first month?? None! So don’t tell people that’s going to happen here.

The more YOU treat network marketing like a real business, the more people will start to respect you for it. Here are some tips to get over this:

~ Bring people in with the right expectations

~Treat it like a real business and it will become that for you.

~When someone tells you NO, develop the skin of a rhino and don’t give it a second thought. Prove them wrong by showing them what you can do

~NEVER EVER get defensive with someone. If they start ridiculing your business, know that you’re on the right path and turn the other cheek.

2. People Will Quit

I’m a big believer that people don’t fail in network marketing, they quit.

Because network marketing has such low barrier to entry, you will work with all different kinds of people. I used to get so attached to the people I brought into the business. I would call them constantly, help them with every little detail, and try and motivate them every single day.

Number one, the best time spent is with the people that are producing and going out there getting “dirty” so to speak. Number two, go into this business knowing that people will quit NO MATTER WHAT you do to help them. It’s a factor of statistics and numbers.

I would tell you that it gets easier as people quit in network marketing, but it doesn’t. It still hurts, but as I wrote in my status on my fanpage today, people are not quitting YOU, they’re quitting themselves. They are just saying to you “I’m not ready for success” and be OK with that.

The Great Things About Network Marketing

Those two “bad” things I mentioned are the biggest hurtles people run into with network marketing in my opinion. If you treat it like a business and develop the proper skills, you will never ever let those things affect you.

Although there are some hurtles to network marketing, there are also some not so good things about corporate america or owning a traditional business:

1. no time freedom

2. A boss that owns you or a business that owns you

3. No freedom to spend time with your children

4. Living someone else’s dreams instead of your own

5. if you own a traditional business, 95% fail within the first 5 years, and you are hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions in the hole.

6. You can’t pick your co-workers

7. You are given a certain pay, no matter how hard you work. MAYBE given a raise within 5 years.

8. You are easily replaceable. There is a false sense of security

Now from this list it may seem like I hate corporate America, and I absolutely don’t. Some people are not meant to own their own business and are perfectly happy working for someone. If that’s you, more power to you! I think it’s great! If people are happy, let them be happy! Don’t try and convince them of other things. It’s the people that complain all the time and don’t do anything about it that I want to shed some light on today.

So, enough with that. Here are the positives of our wonderful world of Network Marketing:

1. Freedom, freedom freedom

financially, time wise, and mentally. Basically the opposite of all 8 things I mentioned about corporate America and traditional business.

2. Awesome friends

I have met my best friends inside of network marketing. This is an industry where you are surrounded by the best, most uplifting, amazing people. Network marketers truly live in a different world.

3. Unbelievable traveling and vacations

when you’re a network marketer, you have the opportunity to take more vacations than any other industry out there! And possibly for free! Over the past 4 years we have taken 9 vacations for free through network marketing, and I’m fairly certain that wouldn’t happen in any other profession.

The best part is, we got to take these vacations with our team and the people we love!

4. You truly live in a different world

The training your mind receives through network marketing is second to none. By becoming a network marketer, even if you don’t make a dime or make hundreds of thousands of dollars per month, the invaluable training you get from being surrounded by positive people all of the time is crazy!

We don’t watch the news and half the time have no idea what’s going on with terrible things happening in the world. Some people call that irresponsible, we call it a great way to live ;).happy network marketer


If this post with network marketing has inspired you, I encourage you to share it with someone that maybe hasn’t been the most positive about your new venture, or someone struggling to get past the rejection that comes with this industry.

If you can get past the rejection (which everyone gets) you could be living the life of your dreams! Right past our biggest resistance comes our biggest breakthroughs :).



To Your Success!

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18 Responses to The Good and Bad About Network Marketing

  1. Jan Wienecke says:

    Hey Jess, this morning I was listening to you on the Top Earner Recruiting SECRETS! Your clarity with marketing on Facebook stretches me every time.

    Then I heard Ray talk about asking questions, or needing to ask questions, is just a way of not taking action steps and moving forward.

    Right after that I receive your email with a link to this post. powerful and clear. I printed this out and will read it before I go to sleep to remind me of why I have chosen to start this network marketing adventure.

    “The more YOU treat network marketing like a real business, the more people will start to respect you for it.” -my mantra for today.

  2. Denice says:

    Great blog, so true, loved it.

  3. Hey Jessica, What a Great Message! It amazes me the time that we spend with someone only to have them quit! I love how you say they are not quitting YOU, they’re quitting themselves! This does hurt HUH? When I first got started I was told that the network marketing profession was the easiest business in the world. WOW Did I find out differently!! It does take a commitment like you say you do have to work your business like a business not a hobby. Thanks for sharing Chery πŸ™‚

  4. Ron McLean says:

    great post – shows the importance of setting the proper expectations!

  5. Loren says:

    Hey Jessica, great post… you ‘nailed’ network marketing and what it’s really all about… the best industry ever, not that difficult to learn and do, though it takes hard work and commitment to get amazing results; not any different to anything we do in life where we want to reach our highest goals. However, the benefits are incredibly rewarding and the sauce… we get to meet, work and be with the most knowledgeable, talented and amazing people who also love this industry! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughtful insights.

    • Jessica Higdon says:

      Hey Loren! Thank you I appreciate that, you are so right. The benefits and rewards way outweigh the struggles. It’s just a matter of sticking to it πŸ˜‰

  6. Dennis Shipp says:

    What a great article and so professional. “You’ve come a long way baby.” (Sorry about that Ray).
    But I am truly impressed how far you’ve come in just the few short years since I met you. You have truly become a leader in the network marketing profession and are definitely providing good advice to your readers. Keep up the good work.

  7. Pamela Binkley says:

    Very much enjoyed this and belive I could learn a great deal from you

  8. Etieno Etuk says:

    Awesome post, Jessica. You’re right. This business is not easy and sometimes can be very discouraging when people tell us NO. The key is to not let that bother you. Don’t be addicted to the outcome. Whether someone joins or not, just keep going, keep trucking and stay consistent. The consistent marketer is the one who always wins in the end.

    Great message here. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Sarah Maus says:

    This was fantastic! Extremely eye-opening, especially to those who are close-minded! Thanks for sharing Jessica!

  10. Hey Jessica,
    I love this content. How simply you explained the negative and positive aspects of network marketing. I just love, I have shared with some of my best friends and would be waiting for the another blast. Hope you would be doing best with the next.

    Thanks & take care

    with regards

  11. Bryan Perez says:

    Great stuff Jessica! Mastering yourself is, I believe, the hardest thing to do. To win in this business we must do that.

  12. Leona Shell says:

    this is awesome! Even the bad isn't "bad"; it's just a challenge. Shared with my team πŸ™‚

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