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What is the Networking Revolution?

It’s finally here and official! I’ve co-authored a book with my good friend April O’Leary, business & life coach, and we’re so excited about it.

The book is entitled “The Networking Revolution – 5 ways women are changing their lives through home business ownership.” networking-revolution-graphic-2

What is the “Networking Revolution?”

When April and I first met for coffee we both agreed that there was a huge need in this profession to educate people on how amazing Network Marketing is. Also there’s a huge gap internally of support within the industry.

What I mean by that is both within and outside of Network Marketing, people are unaware of the importance of purchasing every day products from a local rep. By understanding the importance of supporting not only your own company but the businesses of others, it increases the awareness of our amazing profession AND comes back to you 10 fold to put more money in your pocket.

What goes around comes around of course, so this book is designed to do two things:

  1. Teach people who already have home businesses a daily action plan on how to build them properly, and
  2. Educate skeptics on the TRUE statistics and facts of Network Marketing/MLM

This book is not only a training, but also a tool you can use to share with your team and prospects.

Success Stories Within the Networking Revolution:

In the Networking Revolution  we’ve included 14 success stories of women from all different backgrounds and how they’ve gotten incredible results from their home businesses.

It is truly inspiring for yourself and your team to share. We have women like Cherie Rodriguez who went from being a school teacher to having a 6 figure home business full time, and also women like Elexis McCarthy, owner of Makeup Eraser, who talks about how she went from real estate to launching a company with over 7000 reps in just two years.

Danielle Russo-Slugh is another great example of a woman in a high powered job (stock broker on Wall Street) who left it all behind to pursue her career with her home business.

I encourage you to order the book and check out the rest of the stories.

For more information and to see bonuses for ordering, click HERE

So many have supported this endeavor and I am so excited to hear your feedback!


To Your Success!

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  1. helo,
    nice information about network marketing software
    thank you so much i really liked it.

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