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What To Expect If You’re In Network Marketing

One thing I’ve found to be overwhelmingly true is that in network marketing, people usually give the wrong expectations. They say it’s going to be easy, you’ll make a million dollars tomorrow and all you have to do is sit on your couch and watch t.v!

In fact, a lot of people are hyped into network marketing then so disappointed because people gave the wrong expectations, so they go out and bash the industry all because they thought they would be rich from sitting on their couch eating potato chips.

Today’s blog is to share with you why people find it so easy to bash the industry and how we can fix it simply by giving the proper expectations to begin with.

What to Expect Building a Network Marketing Businessnetwork marketing

1. You will not make what you deserve for your time your first 6-12 months.

I can’t say it any better than Mark Yarnell, a professional network marketer who made over $30,000,000 in this wonderful industry.

“Your first year in network marketing, you’ll be overworked and underpaid. You won’t make nearly what you feel you deserve. By your second year, things will be better and you’ll be UNDER worked and overpaid. By your third year, you’ll be making so much money for doing so little you’ll feel guilty.”

Many network marketers join a network marketing business and expect to be making at least 6 figures by their 4th or 5th month. While I have seen this done and it’s not impossible, it’s very unlikely. There is a huge learning curve in network marketing, and just like anything you need to develop the skills and treat it like a real business.

2. There will be ups and downs in the number of signups you get each month

My team usually comes to me with this question, “my first week I sponsored 8 people into my network marketing business, now I haven’t sponsored anyone for 3 weeks!”

This is TOTALLY normal! The ups and downs are to be expected. When you bring a bunch of people in, you are now ready to keep filling the pipeline. The more and more you fill the pipeline the closer you’ll be to a signup.

On average it takes about a week and a half for someone that sees a presentation to be at the join stage. If you’ve been filling the pipeline for a week and a half with different people, and then get some sign ups from it, it’s time to refill it again!

In that “down time” and you’ll be talking to people every single day about your network marketing business, so when your business “pops” you’ll get a bunch of sign ups!

3. Your Network Marketing Business Will Grow Based On Your Consistency, and Posture

When you ask someone “what do you think?” The first thing out of their mouth will be an objection. But when you tell them that you’re all in no matter what they’re decision is, and you’re going to the top with or without them, they will respond much more positively.

Posture is key when building your business. You need to have the skin of a rhino, but don’t worry, it develops over time. When I first started I had zero confidence and was so scared. After being CONSISTENT and developing skills over time, I learned to never be affected by a “no” and keep moving forward. Consistency day in and day out will out perform all others.

If you show one to two presentations a day for your network marketing business, you are going to get around 3 signups. The more you do it the better you’ll get and maybe that three will turn into 6, and so on.

Be consistent, have posture and not only will your business change, but the industry as a whole will start to change.



To Your Success!

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8 Responses to What To Expect If You’re In Network Marketing

  1. Honored and blessed to work with you Jess. This is the biggest thing that helped my recruiting. Thanks for all you do.

  2. Joshua Froelke says:

    It’s about time somebody tells the truth about this business! Thanks for this Jessica!

  3. Dennis Shipp says:

    Good post Jess. True that many hype their opportunity so the newbie expects success to come automatically and overnight. When it doesn’t, most drop out or just quit trying.

  4. Michael Alli says:

    Jessica, Thank you for your transparent and honest approach. My business page is based on being real and you are very real and honest. I could have said it better then what you wrote. Being real with expectations for new people in this industry and what to expect is a breath of fresh air. Hype sells but over hype is overrated and leaves a bitter taste with some people. I was lead to believe it is an easy 3 step process but soon found out it was not because like you I didn’t have a clue what I was doing.

    I really like your approach and integrity towards the industry in whole. You have business ethics that is top notch and I appreciate you very much. I will learn from you that I know for sure.

    I am in this for the long haul and will build my business putting in the time to develop my skill no mater how long or short of time (always the optimist) it takes I will succeed. I have done everything wrong and with that I have learned, and ill use this to develop my story…Thanks again for the insight.

  5. Etieno Etuk says:

    I love this post, Jessica. Be unattached to the outcome. If they decide to join, fine, if not, no big deal….NEXT! Thanks for sharing your insights on this issue.

  6. Felix fegurgur says:

    Great post!!!

  7. Dave Ludena says:

    Jess, you hit it on the head! Great post…more people need to see this. thanks as always for all your great content


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