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You’re About to Discover the Secret of Building Powerful LOCAL Teams of Top Performers Who Create The Network Marketing Lifestyle and Income You Always Dreamed of...

You will not find this info anywhere else... And it has nothing to do with...

  • The latest sale pitch techniques

  • Closing strategies

  • Training techniques

  • Or anything else you’ve heard of before

A Little About Me And
How My Story Can Help You Succeed

I’m Jessica Higdon, founder of the 10k Social Media Formula, and co-founder of Top Earner Academy... And if you’re anything like I was starting out in this business... You may be feeling a bit lost and frustrated right now. You know you need to build your team and talk to as many people as possible every day...but maybe things aren’t going quite as well as you hoped. Maybe people are avoiding you and your opportunity like a trip to the dentist?

Just five short years ago I was struggling to build my network marketing business too.

I had :

  • Zero credibility

  • No warm market

  • No “attractor factor”

I had a hard time recruiting people locally and retaining people on my team. With no intention to go to back to work for someone else...I stuck it out and over time things changes for the better.

5 Years On...Things Look Very Different For Me Today

  • I make a six figure income in network marketing.

  • I’ve dominated top ranking spots in my company

  • I speak on stage with industry leaders

  • I created a 10k per month income in less than 18 months...5 years ago...and it’s grown massively ever since

Would you like to get results like these? Well it’s more than possible with the right knowledge on board.

“I saw Jessica’s training, and that very same day I went out and sent 20 messages. I didn’t expect anything much, but when I woke up the next morning I had 8 messages of people interested in my business and 6 one on one appointments set up for my primary company! I now do this on a daily basis to build a team locally to me.”

Billy Jury

The Secret to My Success is...

Building A Local Team Leveraging
The Power Of Social Media!

The “secrets” I’d like to share with you will help you get ahead in this business and build an amazing residual income. Let me ask you this...

Are You Doing What 99% Of Network Marketers Are Already Doing On Social Media And Selling Yourself Short?

Using Facebook to recruit people is nothing new right? Most network marketers are spreading the net really wide on Facebook...Recruiting people in different countries. And there’s nothing wrong with that but… Know this: A person you recruit locally will do a lot more for your business than someone outside your city, state or country.

Here’s Why Building A Local Team Through Social Media Can Catapult Your Rankings And Income-Almost Immediately...

  • Strong relationships from local recruitment create amazing results. You and I both know relationships are the key to success. When you build a local team These Relationships Are Always Stronger. You get face to face contact. Nothing beats that.

  • You close more people. Again when you meet personally...People just trust you more. It makes sense right?

  • Your team members stay with you. Recruiting someone in a different country is completely different to recruiting locally. Local people just stay with you longer. Again the relationship is closer. It’s the glue that keeps them by your side.

  • You attract top leaders to make you more money with local recruitment: recruiting locally tends to attract top leaders in your OWN community. They influence other people just by being on board. Word spreads and you grow your team quickly.

  • All top network marketers grow their teams using local recruitment techniques... ask any top professional in this business and you’ll find them recruiting in their own city…however, my guess is they’re not using the techniques I’m going to teach you.

  • Social media is ideal for creating powerful local teams in your business. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are ideally placed to help you rapidly create teams of highly motivated people to drive your business forward.

“But the Facebook anti-spamming rule makes recruiting people really hard… right Jessica?”


Don’t worry. I’m going to show you the newest tips and “tricks” I’ve discovered that are totally fine with Facebook. I’ll also show you how to navigate any anti-spamming rules.

“After watching Jessica’s training I had an appointment in 5 minutes!!”

Randy Johnson

Imagine Arriving Anywhere And Being
Able To Show Others How To Build A
Powerful Team of Local Reps That Will
Help Grow Your Business & Theirs?

Using my proven strategies...You will be able to drop down anywhere in the world, with anyone on your team, and quickly show them how to start building a powerful team of their own in their own home town.

Your Income Will Explode By Teaching Others How To Build Local Teams Using Social Media

Once you get your hands on these strategies for building local teams with social media, you’ll be able to pass on this knowledge to others. You will soon have multiple highly successful teams working in different communities around the world.

Want To Fast Track Your Way To Recruiting Top Quality Teams Locally To Grow Your Income?

Everything I’ve learned about social media marketing to create local teams-I’ve put into a series of watch of over my shoulder videos.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to share with you all my newest strategies for recruiting locally in this series of webinars:

Using Social Media to Build Locally

  • The secret almost no one knows about how to portray yourself as a local leader on social media to attract people with minimum effort to your opportunity
  • How to navigate spam rules so you never get penalized by Facebook
  • Breakthrough solutions for finding and prospecting LOCAL leadership to grow your business
  • Proven Scripts to set the appointment with someone you met on a social media site to demonstrate your business to your prospects in the most attractive light
  • What NOT TO DO when growing a local social media team if you don’t want to fail.

* Module 1 is available Immediately!

Online to Offline - How To Conduct One-On-One Local Meetings To Close People Effortlessly

  • Easy to follow Scripts to get your prospects from social media to the phone & eventually to a meeting
  • What to wear to make the right impression and get your prospects seeing you in the right light
  • Where to meet to maximise your chances of closing a new prospect
  • My proven Scripts & Questions formula to "break the ice" and frame your presentation for success
  • How to show your business in the best light possible
  • Scripts to close even the most difficult prospects

Local Momentum a.k.a Group Meetings That Get Your Team Into Momentum (And No, You Don’t Have To Be The Presenter)

  • How to market your meetings via social media to get the best results
  • An exclusive look into how to run a home meeting effectively
  • How to leverage the tools in your arsenal for powerful results at group meetings
  • What the set up should look like of your group meeting to get the best results
  • The truth behind how to run your presentation the right way to get more signup’s

Using Social Media To Lift Up Leaders & Maximize Retention

  • The most certain way to conduct local trainings to create leaders that simply go out there and crush it in your business
  • Leveraging Social Media to recognize leaders so they feel seen and valued and perform even better for you
  • How to build a fervent community & team culture using Facebook groups to grow your business rapidly
  • How to build to events-creating a momentum and interest in them that will dramatically increase the number of people attending
  • What exactly to train your people on to get them recruiting a ton of people into your business
  • The inside secret of Creating Leaders, NOT followers to run your business

“I’ve sponsored 3 people in a week using the local prospecting formula, I’m excited to teach this to my team and to my audience."

Terry Gremaux

This Works No Matter What Opportunity You’re In

I help people from multiple different niches in network marketing to use local social media strategies to grow their businesses. It doesn’t matter what level you are at, or how much confidence you have in your abilities. You can leverage local social media techniques to see explosive results in your business targeting local people.

The First And Last Course You’ll Ever Need
On Local Social Media Marketing

Social Media Local Prospecting Formula contains everything you need to grow your business recruiting people locally using social media. My strategies have easily made me 6 figures and more every year. I’ll hold you by the hand and walk you through every step so you maximize your success as a network marketer.

Think You Can Get This Training Elsewhere? Think Again...

Sure there are lots of social media training courses out there on the market. Not one that focuses on the specific techniques you need to develop a team locally with social media though. And even if you could find another course on this subject, how would you know the information was the right info to get you the success you want? Don’t take any chances with poor quality info-don’t waste your time looking for poor substitutes.

How Much?

Let’s take a quick recap at what you’re getting here. You get 3 webinars (Module 1 is available immediately!) where I’ll share absolutely everything you need to create a highly profitable team who will be growing your business and income for years to come. You get:

  • All my insider tips and tricks for local recruiting using social media

  • All my proven strategies for creating powerful local teams

  • All my tips to maximize your return from your local team every month

  • The best way to conduct meetings fact to face

  • All my tried and tested methods for encouraging leaders to perform even better and increase your retention

Plus If You Act Today You Get These
Amazing Fast Action Bonuses FREE!

Fast Action Bonus #1: Updated! Zero Rejection Conversation Template

Ever worry if you’re saying the right thing to prospects? NOT ANY MORE!! You can kiss goodbye to rejection right now! You get My MEGA VALUABLE Top 25 Questions And Scripts to use as a guideline/template for ALL your social media conversations. The cutting edge material will propel your business forward rapidly!! (Value $97!)

Bonus #2: Updated! Social Media
Attractor Factor Checklist

Get your hands on my personal checklist for setting up a new social media profile. This check list is worth its weight in gold. It’s proven to attract premium quality people Not repel them. YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED THS IN YOUR TOOL KIT If you are serious about this business…and it’s been completely updated ! The Value of this Product is $97

Bonus #3: Terry Gremaux Interview

Exclusive Interview With Terry Gremaux!

  • How to go full time.
  • How He Recruited 3 People In ONE Week Using The Social Media Local Prospecting Formula.

The Value of this Interview is $47

Bonus #4: How To Generate 5 leads
Per Day on Instagram

Jessica takes you step-by-step and shows you very simple and free ways to generate 5 Leads per day through the power of instagram. The Value of this Product is $47

Bonus #5: Selling Through Facebook
Video by Mike Hobbs

The Value of this Video is $97

Mega Bonus: 12 Facebook Conversations

In this video, you’ll be able to watch over my shoulder as I walk you through 12 PERSONAL conversations I’ve had on Facebook with cold prospects. Discover exactly what was said and why. And what leads people from Facebook to the phone and to me showing my business to them. (Value $97)

That’s $482 worth of bonuses alone here!!

We normally charge $1,000 per hour for personal one on one coaching. And people happily invest that because having the ability to recruit and create high performing local teams is priceless. There is no limit on the amount of money these local teams could make for you. And here’s the great news!!

  • You don’t have to pay anything like $500 today
  • Or even half of that at $250
  • Or half of that again

You can get access to all 4 webinars with me personally, PLUS all the bonus content today for just $297.

Yep- you heard right!!

Just $297!!

2 Payment Option Available

Here’s why it’s such a bargain...

I’ve been where you are, struggling to make this business work. And I want to pay this forward. Sharing what I learned with you so you too can excel at this business. Social media local team building will be a complete game changer for you as it was for me. $297 is a fraction of the price of private coaching with me and a fraction of the return on investment you’re going to make when you apply the principles I’m going to show you. And don’t forget...

My Iron Glad 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I want you to go out there and use the information in Social Media Local Prospecting Formula to create wildly profitable local teams for your business.

And Here’s My Promise to You.

If you’re unhappy with anything whatsoever.

  • Whether it’s the content
  • Or your results
  • Or it’s simply not what you were expecting

Simply contact me within 30 days of your purchase for a full refund. Click the instant access button below right now to receive instant access to all of the modules of the Social Media Local Prospecting Formula!

(You will receive immediate access to all of the modules of the Social Media Local Prospecting Formula and to all your bonus content after your purchase is complete. No physical product will be shipped.)

Time Is Running Out

I know you’re on this page right now because

    • You want to become financially free right?


  • You want to answer to no one right?



  • You want to do the nice things in life without having to worry about money right?



  • You want to grow your business and love doing it right?



So if you are hovering over the instant access button below right now…It’s time to make a totally risk free decision. Simply watch the first module. That’s all I ask. You have nothing to lose. Hit the instant access button below right now to get started.

(You will receive immediate access to all of the modules of the Social Media Local Prospecting Formula and to all your bonus content after your purchase is complete. No physical product will be shipped.)

I look forward to helping you grow a thriving LOCAL team using the simple power of social media!


What Others Are Saying...

Curtis Phelan

"OMG! I'm so happy and grateful I learned Jessica Higdons new Local Facebook Recruiting system. It's so easy! I just send out a few messages on Facebook everyday and within hours (sometimes minutes) I have people excited to talk to me and schedule a meeting to hear more about my business opportunity. Best part is they are all the quality entrepreneurial type people I want on my Team. Thank you so much Jessica for cracking the code to building a local Team on Facebook. I owe you BIG TIME!"

Noah Rappaport

"Jessica, I sent out 8 messages after seeing that video and got back 2 positive responses. Thanks!"

Richard Matharoo

"Following Jessica's Social Media Training so far has allowed me to recruit over 100 people into my network marketing business. What Jess teaches is super simple, non techie, massively duplicatible and just flat out works. If you're serious about dominating your local market, get this product!"

Teri Burch

" I sponsored 12 people from the Social Media Local Prospecting Formula."