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Local Team Building, How She built a Team in Mexico

Ever struggle with building a large team that duplicates on it's own? I did too... After working with a ton of top producers with teams of literally hundreds of thousands of people they told me that starting locally and having a set system in place to build teams locally all over ...

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How Most People Waste Money on Facebook Marketing

Usually when I talk about Facebook marketing I talk about how to do it for free or through organic interaction and active prospecting. Today I wanted to share how to get way more traffic, leads and sales from your Facebook marketing for the same budget through advertising. Recently I've been testing ...

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Facebook Marketing Questions Answered

For the past month I've been getting bombarded with Facebook marketing and recruiting questions in my email, so I thought I'd create a short video to help answer the most common questions people have about social media. Social Media has totally changed the network marketing industry. Thirty years go, people had ...

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The #1 Best Tool for Facebook Marketing

When it comes to facebook marketing there's one thing you can use that I believe is the most powerful selling tool of all time. NO it's not an affiliate product I'm selling or some snazzy "easy button" tool, it's a concept that you've seen  marketed for years, however most people ...

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How to Get Facebook Likes for Free

We all know that you can advertise to get as many Facebook likes as you want, but what about getting likes organically? Advertising can be costly and although it's quite effective, it's always a good idea to add different tactics to your daily method of operation, especially if it's a free ...

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MLM Prospecting on Facebook is Easy if You Know These Tricks

As part of my mlm prospecting routine I usually turn to facebook for free leads. Facebook has over 800 million people that all give away their occupation, hobbies, friends and daily activities on their profiles! Most network marketers don't realize what a huge opportunity this is to build your business ...

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Jessica Higdon