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She Sponsored 6 People in One Week!

This Month the theme for our training is all about local team building. I am really focusing on training locally because of the people that are struggling with getting the duplication and success they need off the ground running. In the past month many people have gone through my new course the ...

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How to Build a Local Team

One of the most important skill sets to learn in the network marketing profession is how to build a local team. The internet and social media have completely changed people's view on this however, and some people look at local team building or face to face recruiting as "old school." I ...

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The Most Important Step in Social Media Recruiting

Social Media recruiting is simple IF you talk to the right people. If you've ever used facebook, linkedin, google+ or twitter then you know that there are BILLIONS of people on there from all over the world. When you have literally billions of people to chose from, then quantity doesn't become ...

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Jessica Higdon