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Local Team Building, How to get 20 Leads per Week In Your Local Market

As a lot of you know I've been on an interview kick lately because of so many people seeing success recruiting in their local markets. I am very excited to have a special guest on todays interview that was given a challenge in the Local Prospecting Formula, and CRUSHED his ...

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Closing Questions for Facebook Recruiting

Watch this video to learn my 3 most frequently used closing questions to recruit on Social Media:       If you liked the top 3 closing questions for social media recruiting, please comment and share your thoughts below :). To Your Success! Visit my fanpage for more Facebook Tips HERE Need More Leads?? --> ...

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The Most Important Step in Social Media Recruiting

Social Media recruiting is simple IF you talk to the right people. If you've ever used facebook, linkedin, google+ or twitter then you know that there are BILLIONS of people on there from all over the world. When you have literally billions of people to chose from, then quantity doesn't become ...

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Jessica Higdon