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What the heck is a twitter party?

I’m sure a lot of you have seen that I’m doing a twitter party tonight at 7 PM EST! I posted it EVERYWHERE because I want every to see how much fun we’re going to have AND get their questions answered!

Recently I saw that a ton of people were asking me questions about my business/social media/network marketing etc. I saw a Social Media guru do a twitter party and I thought, “Holy cow! That’s an awesome way to get people’s questions answered AND get interaction on twitter…”

So What The Heck Is A Twitter Party?

A twitter party is where you pick a half an hour segment of time to answer everyone’s questions. However it’s not just a regular Q&A, they HAVE to ask you on twitter and interact with everyone else at the “party.”twitter party jess

Tonight I’m hosting one on my twitter page (@jesshigdon995). If you “mention” me on twitter with that handle, AND use the hashtag #AskJess, I’ll answer ANY question what so ever that you have about my business or how you can grow yours to the next level.

To Participate In the Twitter Party Follow These Steps:

1. Log into your twitter account

2. Find my twitter page (@jesshigdon995) and follow along, (You’ll see all of the questions being answered and everyone having fun)

3. compose a new tweet mentioning me (@jesshigdon995) and ask your question.. at the end put #AskJess, for example:

“@jesshigdon995 How many people a day should you prospect on fb? #AskJess”

4. HAVE FUN! Post funny pics, be silly and of course make sure you get your questions answered ;).


How Do YOU Have Your Own Twitter Party?

This is actually something I’ll be covering next week in my Social Media Success School. However here’s a quick overview on the steps you should take:

1. Block out a 30 minute time frame you want to have a twitter party

2. Create a fun invitation (see above)

3. Think of a hashtag you’d like to use to get it to start trending

3. Send out to Twittter, fb, list, blog, etc. to let everyone know you’ll be hosting your own twitter party!

4. Treat it like a party! Like I said before take fun pics and be silly :p


For those of you in my Social Media Success School, we’ll be going over this in detail next week. And I’ll see you all tonight at 7 PM EST Where you can see live how this will all go down! Can’t wait and let’s PARTY!

To Your Success!

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  1. Thanks, here you tonight.

  2. Hi,Jackie I don't know either,I,am off now until next Tuesday .i brought one of those pens I was telling you about i can see a difference. Have a good night god bless.fran

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